Come over to my house in Cuba

Our Cuban home is a 150-year-old house that has been in the Velar family for over 120 years. Prior to its becoming the family’s permanent residence, it was used as a storage warehouse by my grandfather, Camilo Velar Diego.

Camilo lived happily for many years in this home with his wife, Concepcion, and their four children.  After close to 20 years of marriage, Concepcion passed away. Eventually, Camilo met my grandmother, Josefa Eulalia Rosabal Varona. He was eighteen years her senior but they had an ideal marriage. Camilo and Josefina also had four children: Segunda, Eugenia, Rafael and Carlos. My grandparents raised them in the house which later became Casa Rafael Francisco. Their love and affection is felt throughout the house.

A Little About Me

My name is Elsa. I was born in Santiago de Cuba but have lived in Miami most of my life. Despite spending over 40 years in the states, I have visited my hometown quite often and my relationship with Cuba runs deep in my veins. I've had the most memorable trips in Santiago and I have no doubt you will as well.