We are your personal concierge making all of your  arrangements and reservations for a fabulous stay in Cuba.

Casa Rafael Francisco has served as a bed and breakfast in Santiago de Cuba for close to 20 years. My Uncle Felo manages the house and staff. His professionalism and accommodating nature makes him the perfect host. My uncle and I decided to join forces and become the premier Cuban Bed & Breakfast and people-to-people tour specialists planning trips to Santiago and throughout the island. Now, we work with the best of local B&Bs owned and run by Santiagueros /adj. of/from Santiago de Cuba; n. person from Santiago de Cuba/. Our Santiago B&Bs are located in the center of the city walking-distance from the cathedral, parks, shopping centers, restaurants, cruise ship port, etc.

Our goal is to make you feel like family. We want you to visit your Cuban home-away-from-home. We are experts at crafting individualized trips and planning customized journeys.